Monday, April 20, 2015

High Point Recap II

The story of our sojourn to High Point continues with stops at some of our favorite showrooms, like Natural Curiosities.  They always have live demonstrations there and creativity is so fresh.

  Cyan Design was a new surprise to us.  I love this bar cabinet.

We spent hours in Lee Industries sitting in every piece of furniture!
This is my favorite chair frame.

 killer Lee campaign chair:

 Love these Lee half screens by Bobby McAlpine.

The rugs on display were from Eliko, so we found them and spent another hour looking at their gorgeous rugs.

We were seriously on the hunt for some one-of-a-kind rugs and sadly did not come home with any.  We are sad to have passed on this indigo Oushak, but it just wasn't the right size.

The art at market was fantastic. Among our favorites was this collection at 

The Phillips Collection is one of our favorites-- so creative and unique.

 This rotating sculpture table needs to be in my house.

Following #hpmarket on Instagram makes us feel like we missed out on so much more there.  We just couldn't see it all!  There's always next  year!

Have a great weekend.

High Point Recap I

A weekend at High Point Market is not enough!  We were there with the masses trying to see as much as possible, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to see it all.  I loved seeing our designer friends from around the country and seeing what's new in the design world first hand and I especially loved going with Bethany for her first time to market!  It's a huge difference seeing everything in real time versus viewing products via swatches and online- that is an understatement.

Our weekend started with a fun evening at the Jr. League High Point Showhouse gala where Lisa Mende's kitchen, breakfast room and rear entry designs topped the charts!  The black, white and blue colors were spectacular.  Lots to look at from floor to ceiling, and beautifully balanced.  Other great designs were the entry by our friend Traci Zeller, a fantastic carriage house with designed rooms by Parker Kennedy Living and The English Room.

Lisa Mende Design
Lisa Mende
Parker Kennedy
The English Room

Art Studio by Leslie Moore  (Bethany's booties not optional)
 Among our favorite finds were the amazing lighting displays.  This is just a hint of the thousands here.

Cyan Design
Regina Andrews
Alhambra Antiques
Visual Comfort

Some other things that caught our eye:
Made Goods
Gold Leaf Design
Gold Leaf Design
Of course we had to slip in some fun in between the cocktail parties and showrooms with a rickshaw ride!  That was a blast and gave our feet a breather!

More peeks of market in HP Recap II next time!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Road trip to High Point

I'm so excited to be going to High Point Market with Bethany today. It will be her first time and we will have a ball. HP Market is the Super Bowl of what's new in Interior Design- a complete unlimited buffet of design stimulation, a showroom blitz of thousands of vendors trying to wine and dine designers, build trade relationships and showcase their latest designs.   

The first event we're attending is the Junior League Showhouse Gala Friday night where we get to party with our design friends! Here is a preview of some of the renderings of the rooms:

Kara Cox Interiors
Leslie Moore 
Jennifer Hutton & Mickey Sharpe
Lisa Mende Design
Lisa Mende

We showroom hop with our good friends Kim Macumber and Linda Holt . I always want to meet more of our blogger friends but it's so hard to meet up with each other amidst thousands of people spread out over 800 buildings. Are you going to the gala? That would be a great place to meet up!

Can't wait to share what's new with you and look for furnishings for some of our new clients
and Bethany's new house.

-be back down to earth next week!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A little glass blowing and update

The Chrysler Museum in Norfolk was a great place to experience some glass sculpture in a current show called Chihuly in the Garden and to partake in a glass blowing glass with my brother.  This is one of the activities on my bucket list.

All of the photos of me doing my glass 'float'  were taken on the wrong setting, so this gray version is all we have!

The molten glass tip was dipped in glass crystals.  I chose orange and white and created a swirl and dot effect.

You never know the final result until it totally cools about 2-3 days later.  So I do not yet know how it came out! My brother has to go pick them up this week at the studio.

 These are the vessels of glass dust that we had to choose from:

 Here is my brother's 'float' pre-cooling.  He chose blue and yellow glass.

Glass blowing 101 involved us blowing in a tube while the experienced artist handled the operation.  I was fully prepared to get down and dirty and really had no idea our participation was so minimal.  Guess I'll have to take more classes so I can get into it more!  Bob has taken about 4 classes and still has to work under an assistant.

It really is addictive and I can't wait to do more.  There is so much to learn and no two pieces are ever alike; I love that!

The Chihuly exhibit was very small and just encompassed a small outdoor garden, but any Chihuly is great to see in person!

Have you ever tried glass blowing?  

P.S. He just mailed me some photos of our 'floats' so here is an update on my project.