Thursday, July 24, 2014

E-design client process

We were contacted by a friend of Bethany's who built a custom home years ago. We went to visit her when she moved in, and this home, perched on a hill with mountainous views, huge windows, lots of light and beautiful custom touches, is one I never forgot. It is a home I would move into in a hot minute.

She just wanted some slipcovers for her existing sofas, and a new rug.  We told her about our Room Design Plan, not just focusing on the sofa or rug, but pulling the whole room together, and she signed up.  Here is a before picture of her living room.

The existing multi colored clock on her mantle was her inspiration and our interview with her lead us down a color path of turquoises, blues, rusts, saddle browns.  We came up with these three looks, and honestly Bethany ran with this one in a big way, so I thank her for her vision and hard work.

Along with the plans, we offered her a roadmap on how to execute the look she chose, and it began with:

and adding pops of color:

We presented these boards to her and created the vision in her room with several props that we brought along, like vases, a fiber rug, and turquoise garden stool.  She fell hard for the scheme with the turquoise over-dyed rug mixed with a saddle brown leather sofa, and turquoise accents.  

This is a client that wants to try to pull it together on her own, now that she has the plan. Although we gave her detailed instructions, we will be at-the-ready if she needs help executing any of it.  It was so fun nailing a look she was happy with. It wasn't hard convincing her that reupholstering old furniture wasn't cost effective so we were happy to enlighten her with several better options!

The best design advice we can give is always start with a plan!

Monday, July 21, 2014

New Project

One of our current projects is a master bedroom for a current client whose living room we completed in February.  We call her our #bestclientever since she makes up her mind quickly, gives us artistic license to do what we think looks best and loves whatever we do! Did we mention how much we LOVE our job?

We repurposed an old dresser of hers and turned it into a media center.  You can see the dresser makeover here.  It is her favorite piece in the room!

She is starting from scratch in her master bedroom.  We offered her two looks:

She chose Natural Glam but with the upholstered bed from the 2nd plan.  Can't wait to pull it altogether and make their Master Bedroom their dream room!

Have a great week friends!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Artful Friday

Some beautiful art for this Friday's inspiration..enjoy!

             Regard XIV by Benedicte Gele

             L’aquarium by Georges Braque

 At the Beach by Martha Walker

     Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida En la yola (Zarauz), 1910

              Four Boys on a Beach by Winslow Homer

  by Jeremy Lipking

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

DIY leather and wood shelf

This project isn't brain surgery but I continue to have fun with projects in our design business.  Putting my 'hand stamp' on things in a room makes it feel more special, plus I'm a 'hands on' kind of girl and my brain is always conjuring up and testing new ideas.  This one is unbelievably simple.

1. Find some matching leather belts ( I got mine at a thrift store for 1.50@) and cut off the buckle. Make the 2 straps the same length and 'square' the ends.

2.  Cut your scrap of wood the length you need. I made mine 24" x 8" long so it would span the 16" wall studs.

3. Figure out the placement of the shelf on your walls and mark the studs.  Nail right through the leather into the wall studs.

4.  Place the shelf between the leather straps.  No real need to adhere the straps to the wood; it's not going anywhere!

I don't know of an easier way to make and hang a shelf!  Hope you can use this idea! 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Toxic rug pads? No more!

One of our decorating obsessions at Powell Brower Interiors is RUGS--timeless, classic, antique, turkish, oriental and uniquely designed rugs. We have not been obsessed with rug pads, until now...

Did you know some rug pads can be TOXIC? yikes

"Roughly 90% of all rug pads come from overseas.   They are chemically rich and toxic breeding grounds for odor causing bacteria and VOC emissions.   In addition, the petrochemical oils in pvc pads can often dissipate into the floor, permanently marring and discoloring your floor finishes over time,"  according to W.McDonald at

Admittedly I did not know alot about rug pads and have been guided by cost in the past, like most consumers. I have used the cheap plastic( synthetic latex) open grid type ...until now.

I have found that same grid mark impressed onto my hardwood floors and it is not easy to remove. Little did I know this type of rug pad is most often toxic, disintegrates and doesn't last.

Enter RUGPADUSA's Premium Lock felt rug pad.  These kind folks were generous enough to ship us a felt rug pad for review, and man, are the blinder's off and I'm getting educated about rug pads!

This is their top recommended rug pad for orientals, natural fibers, and flat weaves on hardwood floors.
It is  USA made with 100% felt on top and natural rubber on the bottom. The layer is heat pressed together with no added glue or chemicals (low VOC's).  Use as shown on hardwoods, tile, concrete, etc. or flip it over with rubber on top for application of an area rug on top of wall-to-wall carpeting.

They have a 20 year warranty, no odor, free shipping, free custom cutting, and free returns!  No that's customer service! Plus they have a Trade account program for designer's.

Be smart in choosing rug pads that are eco-friendly, made in the USA and the right choice to protect your rug and floor investment.  Please consider RugpadsUSA as your rug pad source!

Have a great week!