Friday, January 30, 2015

Best return for your $

We all know kitchens and bathrooms bring you the best return on your investment in remodeling, but also curb appeal, new windows and repurposed spaces are also high up there.

The least expensive thing you can do with the biggest impact?

Just do it we say!


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Be elegant!

P.S.  Our prayers to all of you faced with Winter Storm Juno- we hope you stay warm and safe!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Designing with Chairish

I'm dreaming and scheming of a new family room.  The hardwood floors are being laid this week and then we need to finish the drywall, paint and add molding.  It is like Christmas all over again and I'm so excited.  I've teamed up with Chairish to add vintage items to my new room.  They offer sought-after iconic pieces that I have always wanted to collect. Here is a possible plan for my room design:
The items featured are:

Have you sourced items through Chairish? You can buy or sell vintage furniture, jewelry, decor, accessories and much more through their fabulous online site.  Go back often, they change weekly! Their rug section is amazing as well.

Me?  I'm continuing to crank out the ideas for my room since I have a blank canvas.  I'll let you know what I commit to!  
Have a great week.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Tile Trends :: What's New?

Let's take a peak back through the tile looking glass.  

We've all seen a lot of this going on in blogland and in the glossies:

I loved it enough to do my guest bath in it.  It's a solid clean look.  

While this has finally starting to wane, we've also seen a lot of this in the average updated home:

And then late last year, we saw an uptick in the graphic tile movement:

And some clever grouting ideas like this:

And in Emily Henderson's fresh kitchen:

And we've seen the inch-thick brick tile make a showing like these beauties from FireClay tile:

One of my personal favorites is the mirrored tile look.

Anyone seen any new backsplash ideas lately?  

I'd love to see some new life being breathed into backsplashes and tile in 2015.  What about you? What do you still love?

Breaking news!  Our good friend Karolyn just shared this brilliant new site for a nice change in the tile selections!  Hello gorgeous!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

On Trend : Blue and Grey

One Kings Lane did an awesome makeover with Honestly WTF blogger, Erica Chan Coffman and they used... da da dah... blue and grey.  I am seeing this scheme pop up all over the place:  

Uber IT girl Lauren Liess also talks about using this schema in her upcoming Lake Gaston reno.

Meanwhile, the other IT girl on the block, Erin Gates, talks about loving this bruisey-palette.

Kinda gives my stomach a turn, but I do like being pushed out of my comfort zone.

Tell us, are you down with the grey and blue?  Marsala, beware. Is this the newest color trend for 2015?