Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hallway Zhushing

Thank god for Sue over at The Zhush, without which we'd never have such a fitting adjective in circulation that describes the process of amping something up.

Have I mentioned I live in a cottage?

Thought so.

This means every inch counts.

Even the hallway, folks.

So I've been trying to figure out something I could stencil in my hallway without being overkill.  

So I was thinking…

(and tell me if this is gag-worthy or not)

about doing a light greige stencil on the hall wall.

I have a gallery wall going already.  

And tons of lighting to choose from. 

So all I would need is some paint, a stencil and a new rug.



Monday, January 30, 2012

Office Project Numero Uno (also happens to be a good Ikea Hack)

I wanted this bookcase.

But it wouldn't fit in my tiny office space. 

So I settled for a Hemnes from Ikea and got to work.

Step One : Cut a hole in the box (sorry for the Saturday Night Live reference

We primed all of the surfaces that we wanted to paint with a quality primer.  Sherwin Williams Adhesion Primer is what we used here and it's never led us astray.

So we primed away in mom's kitchen.

And primed away on mom's floor.

We did two coats of paint; this is after the first coat. Usually I like to preach the poor quality of Behr paint and true to form, it did an awful job of adhering to the primer, but that's what we used here.  The color is called Tuscon Teal. 

We painted the back board of the bookcase, which happens to be a thin sheet of cardboard, not even MDF.

And we painted some more.  This time the interior of the frame.  

The blue is really showing up royal versus the teal that it is.  Had to switch to Instagram to show the color better.

Thus, pay no mind to the 70's vibe going on in the following pics.

I added a little sparkle.  Can you blame me?

 A package of 4 brass box corners from eBay set me back about 53 cents.  WAHOO!

And voila!

More legit pictures soon.  And by soon, I mean probably in the next year because I have yet to master the art of taking decent photos.  So for now, most of my stuff is from my iPhone.

Happy start of the week!!


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Weekend!

Here's some art for inspiration this weekend!

Art from L'Orangerie, Centre Pompidou, Musee D'Orsay ( Paris), Met. (NYC)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Monogram Conundrum

I am making a pillow that needs a serious monogram.  It would be much easier if I could go through a store like Pottery Barn, who makes some good monograms, but I have my own fabric to match some roman shades that I want to use.  

Does anyone know a source that uses COM (customers own material) in the Washington, DC area?

I am thinking of these ideas:

The talented Jamie Mears of isuwanee and Furbish has the right idea!

Some favorites from Luxury Monograms

By the way, I just found a great new blog while doing some research called Gramercy  and it looks like they do some awesome monograms. Has anyone used them before?

I appreciate any leads sent this way, monogrammers! 



Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dreaming of Provence

The lovely thing about blogging in the decor world for me is finding sites like this: Chic Provence.
I have been in love with Paris since my trip in 2010, I have been dreaming about going again.
I found this tour on their site, and it is T D F ( to die for, although Bethany would be rolling her eyes that I'm defining it here !)
               Chic Provence© Design Tour
                                                                 May 11-18, 2012 

This looks like the most amazing trip a girl like me could imagine.. Here are some shots to drool over:

The itinerary:

Brocante's, or flea markets

Sidewalk cafe's
Oh my, I am going to be in a Paris induced coma today dreaming about this, and praying for a windfall of $4400.00 to drop in my lap so I can place my reservation for this trip.



Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Powell Foyer

There really is something to decorating your Foyer... Remember , "you never get a second chance to make a first impression", so you really need to make it warm and welcoming.  An entry should be a preview of whats to come when entering a home, and it needs to say something about the people who live there.  This foyer says we like various wood tones, a hit of Asian accent, Art, teal colors, area rugs....
My husband refinished the entry doors and painted the dark accent band around the panels. (We're trying to get him more involved in Powell Brower Home, so hopefully some custom products of his will be available in the future!)

I like to include Fine Art. There are three artists in the family, so I keep a rotating display to showcase their talents... Here my son, Michael's, 3 figures ( oil on acrylic) flank the hall closet.  An etching of his is on the other side.
Think of each wall of your entry as a "Vignette". Since I LOVE color, I am always changing my decor, so my next endeavor in this foyer is to stencil or add a clear/glossy pattern to this teal wall.
What are your thoughts on that?

Here is another corner of the entry:

I would love to 'glam' things up a bit, but my newly- retired husband has taken an interest in our decorating, and loves the coziness and warmth of wood .  I can't complain, but I do love mirrors and glass and sparkle, so I have to add those in moderation.  ( Although I have mirrors in every single room of my house.)
Any suggestions for stenciling the foyer?


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

far east movement

Did you see this business on OKL on Saturday?

                                                                   Source: onekingslane.com via Bethany on Pinterest

Very swoon-worthy in this pic.

                                                                    Source: grahamandgreen.co.uk via Bethany on Pinterest

I'm not sure what part of my brain this came from, but the mirror inspired all of this:

I feel like this is the kind of collected eclectic room that some dude that wears velvet loafers has in a treasure-trove of an apartment in some chic downtown area.  By day he runs an upscale thrift shop, but night he entertains with specialty cocktails like St. Germaine and Champagne.  It's not quite Asian, not quite antique, but just chock full of stuff and it may smell like a well-worn Persian rug in there.  There should be a token stack of books on the black chair, too.  I'm afraid of clutter, but if I wasn't, these would be some of my favorite things.

You're welcome.


Monday, January 23, 2012

don't know much about history...

don't know much biology.

(Yeah I do, I was a biology major)

But I do know that I like geometry.

I love a good polyhedron.  Don't you?

I recently scored this brass Ralph Lauren Home polyhedron pendant from Home Goods.

Turns out the super cute and talented Janna McCalley of Swoon Interiors has the same one in her home in black.

I love seeing the unexpected geometric objet d'art or light fixture here and there.

There are some amazing interiors that sport the geometric light in just the right spot.

Case and point.

                                                  Source: birchandbird.com via Bethany on Pinterest

                                                                        Source: pinterest.com via Bethany on Pinterest

And of course the pièce de résistance

                                                     Source: isabellaandmaxrooms.blogspot.com via Bethany on Pinterest